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We  honor Adele H. Stamp  by  emulating  her  excellence,  high   standards,  and  outstanding  traditions.

Adele’s Circle of Women spring event – HerStory 2018

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 10, 2018 from 4:00pm-6:00pm,

Location: Stamp Student Union Colony Ballroom

Dress Code: Business Casual

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Who We Are

Created in 2013 by a dedicted group of women graduates who combine their energy and expertise to achieve maximum success in their personal and professional lives.  Adele's Circle is founded on the legacy and visionary contributions of Adele H. Stamp, the first Dean of Women at the University of Maryland.  We honor her by emulating her excellence, high standards, and outstanding traditions.

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Adele's Happenings
Alumnae visit Adele’s Circle - Become Gems for University Women

UMD women gain career and life advice from sister Terps through Pearls of Power event 

Perks of a sister or a best girlfriend come in many forms: clothes, rides, homework, travel and above all, life advice. These connections, however, are not always easy to come by, and in college, guidance may seem as unreachable as scheduling an appointment with an advisor during syllabus week. Adele’s Circle understands this, and has organized an event to link University of Maryland women to Terrapin alumnae for the career and life advice they’ve been searching for. 


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ACW 2017 Scholarship - Winners

Fatiha Chaudhry
Amy Landiorio
Rosemary Davidson
Samantha Bingaman
Lindsey Templeton

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Core Values

Leadership * Sisterhood * Diversity * Commitment * Excellence

Our vision is to build a fellowship of women to effect positive change by empowering women students at the University of Maryland to realize their full leadership potential within our community and beyond.

Our mission is to advance and enrich the lives of women by inspiring them to follow their passions and by engaging them as community leaders and global citizens through training, development, and mentorship.

Our members comprise a diverse, cross-cultural, intergenerational community of alumnae and friends who serve as mentors, life coaches, and career advisors. We represent a wide variety of skill sets and life experiences providing an opportunity to share a broad spectrum of practical advice on professional and personal development.  

Our philosophy is value-based and founded on a culture of excellence, a spirit of professionalism, and a drive for improvement. We strive to foster confidence and recognize competence in an effort to harness each woman's voice and leverage her personal narrative.

Our programming prepares students to fully engage in an evolving world.

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For more information on the Adele’s Circle of Women, contact  You can also find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter